Aaron Griggs

Member Details:

Full Name: Aaron Griggs

City: Houlka

State: Mississippi

Date Joined: 2011

Member Classification: Exhibiting

Medium: Wood. Artist Categories: Baskets.


Making the first trip to Mountain View, Arkansas in September 2010 with his wife Patsy, Aaron met a person by the name of Leon Jennings. Leon was about 90 years old at that time. He found him on the “Off The Beaten Path” tour of craftsman and artisans. Aaron became interested at that time in White Oak Basket Making because Leon made baskets in the traditional way. Aaron got tips, advice and hands on experience from Leon. Aaron makes his baskets in this traditional way. He selects the right tree, then splits it with wedges and a froe, shaves it down to billets with a draw-knife, then splits it out down the grain in weavers, ribs and handles depending on the type and size of basket to be woven. There are many basket weavers but only a handful of true traditional White Oak Basket Makers in the state of Mississippi and he is proud to be one of them.